Monday, September 21, 2009

specific technology used

In my first grade classroom, understanding the computer itself will be a lesson. Students will understand how to identify main parts on a computer such as the mouse, keyboard, etc. and how they function. After,they will be assigned to different computers at least three times a week and they will have to engage in online activities. They will read online, have the computer read to them, spell, and practice math skills in the form of a game. Entertaining, engaging and extremely educational. :)

Using Technology in First Grade

Though technology as a whole seems complicated, once it's learned it can be very educational, helpful and entertaining. As a teacher I am aware of the fact that I MUST incorporate technology into the material because our students are extremely computer savvy. Some of them know more than I do! Hilarious? yes. Scary? Definitely. Making sure that I include technology into my lesson plans has become a priority. Not only are they interested, but they are willing to learn. We will have at least three computers in the classroom. There will be many programs in the computer to help educate the students. For example: online picture books that help the students read by highlighting the words and reading aloud.

About me

Hello! My name is Crystal Lopez and I am currently a first grade teacher. I have a bachelors degree in elementary education and I am currently working on a bachelors in public relations. I am very creative, fun loving and I enjoy encorporating learning with entertainment. I don't mind being silly, especially if it's going to get my students attention. Putting all fun aside, I also believe in structure and keeping my students on the right track. "The path to success". Homework will be sent home often, and learning will constantly be taken place in the classroom. Here's the trick: the activities and the homework will be enjoyable, so the students shouldn't have a problem getting it done. I love to laugh, sing, dance, color and create lovely things. I also enjoy helping people; especially children. They are the future and if I can make an impact on at least a hand full of students, then I know that I have done my job.